Just Add Water Bring VOLUME to PS4 and Vita

Posted on Jul 9 2015 - 9:00am by Gaf Hussain

Those clever guys and gals at Just Add Water (Development), Ltd. are creating the PS4 and Vita versions of Mike Bithell’s latest title VOLUME for the renowned indie developer Mike Bithell!

JAW were approached by Mike to handle the conversion duties for his latest title to the Sony family of consoles due to their success over the years working with companies such as SCEE, Oddworld Inhabitants, Paradox and BOSSA. Over the past 6 years JAW have worked on 9 titles for the PlayStation platform as such are well suited to working on the systems.

VOLUME features 100 levels in its core game, but also has a built in editor to let the player create and share their levels with other PSN users, something JAW have had past experience with, with their own title Gravity Crash.

“It’s an exciting time for us at JAW at the moment, as well as working on our own unannounced titles we get to work with incredibly talented people and teams, in this case Mike Bithell.” CEO Stewart Gilray says. “We’ve known Mike since 2010 when Mike was about to start out as a fledgling indie developer.” “We’re incredibly proud and happy to be working with Mike on VOLUME and hope it’s as much as a success as Thomas Was Alone.”

Mike Bithell went on to say “Working with Stewart and his team at Just Add Water to make the PlayStation 4 and VITA versions of Volume sing has been a pleasure. A great team of lovely people who take their jobs incredibly seriously. We’re really excited to put something pretty cool out into the world on August 18th. 8/10, would port game with JAW ltd again.”

VOLUME will be published by Mike Bithell Games on August 18th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Vita.