Major PS Plus Bug Encountered by User, Possible Workaround Found

Posted on Jul 27 2014 - 2:18am by Shak

PlayStation Plus has been around for quite some time now, and users who subscribed straight away and continued their subscription will now have around 3 years worth of content on their various devices. So it would be extremely worrying if one day you found out that you’d lost all access to all your previous PlayStation Plus content, but that’s exactly what happened to Neogaf user m@cross.

Essentially, his Plus subscription lapsed for a couple of days, and he subsequently renewed the subscription via his PlayStation 4. A little later, he realised that he wasn’t seeing some content in some games, and then when tried launching a PlayStation Plus game such as Resogun, he got the following error, and an icon on all his PS+ games except those from the current month:

“Cannot start the application. The application has expired.” 

Several members of the forum suggested “Restoring Licenses”, which can be done through the PSN icon on your PS4, which tends to solve problems like this, but that didn’t work for this user at all. After several back and forth chats with Sony support, including a supervisor who told that user that if the subscription lapsed for more than 24 hours he could lose content permanently, which by the way is completely wrong because that’s the whole incentive behind renewing your Plus subscription, the user has now managed to fix this problem.

He said:

The solution ended up being adding more plus time. Once I added an extra month of plus, all my plus content came back. So if you have this same problem, extending your subscription should fix it, and customer service is aware of it and looking at how to prevent it from occurring again. 

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