Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Patch 1.05 Released For PS4 Almost 3GB in Size

Posted on Aug 18 2014 - 9:00am by Ben Brown

Oddworld Inhabitants, developer of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, have released a 1.05 update patch for the PS4 game, which is almost 3GB in size. The patch fixes 27 different issues in the game (listed below), and weighs in at 2.75GB in size. The update also incorporates patch 1.04, which was unreleased. Version 1.05 also contains a dedicated remaster of the audio balancing from Somatone, which should provide a much richer audio experience for players.

  1. Unresponsive Slogs
  2. Fixes to Spirit Rings
  3. Mines didn’t always trigger when Abe leaves a well
  4. Bees were sometimes outside their hives
  5. Slogs could sometimes become stuck in electric gates
  6. Sligs would shoot at Mudokons when they should have been panicking
  7. Chanting near natives made them angry
  8. Shrykull didn’t continue to zap targets if you QuikSave
  9. Slogs didn’t wake up after you QuikLoaded
  10. Pulling the shut off valve at the end of the game too quickly broke the game ending
  11. Abe’s chanting sound, birds and particles would sometimes disappear when opening a portal
  12. Elum was sometimes frozen after a respawn
  13. Mudokons would vocally respond too slowly when told to “follow me” “wait”
  14. Lifts would continue to move after Abe had been killed
  15. Abe was able to repeatedly trigger triggerboxes like levers, buttons and so on
  16. Shrykull’s idle audio sometimes wouldn’t cut out after loading or respawning
  17. It was possible to destroy chant suppressors behind collision
  18. Chant suppressors were sometimes not turned on by Abe whilst riding Elum
  19. Abe’s bird halo would sometimes appear after activating chime bells
  20. There was no fart effect when riding Elum!
  21. Sligs now say “What?” if you press Use and nothing’s in range
  22. It was possible to turn electric gates off while Sligs were being electrocuted
  23. A possible crash on completing the game to do with Boardroom explosions was fixed
  24. Best Time leaderboards now record your Best Time, all the time
  25. Game now checks for New ‘N’ Hasty trophy unlock conditions after completing any chapter
  26. Fixed a crash for slogs failing to find a target after being commanded by Sligs
  27. Fixed two potential “death loops” in a Free Fire Zone secret area

The version 1.05 update also prepares New ‘n’ Tasty for the upcoming Alf’s Escape DLC, releasing next week on the 19th of August.