PlayStation E3 Prediction: Sony Santa Monica New Game Announcement

Posted on May 1 2014 - 5:49pm by Shak

Sony Santa Monica at one point reportedly had three separate development teams making new games. One of these teams, Stig Assmussen’s, was developing a “Sci-Fi RPG” that was cancelled, mainly because it was no longer a financially viable project. However, the other two teams have supposedly been working on new games as well. One of these games is likely to be a new God of War title, and the other game is a new IP. I’m pretty sure that something from Sony Santa Monica will be announced at E3 2014.

Whether or not the new IP or the God of War game will be announced, I’m not sure, but I’m hoping it is the new IP. Sony Santa Monica are a great studio and deserve to work on something other than God of War all the time. Whatever is announced, I doubt it will be coming out this year, but a March 2015 release date could be possible judging by the previous release dates for their games.

This is one announcement I’m really looking forward too.

Likelihood: 75%