PlayStation Releases for April 2019

Posted on Apr 2 2019 - 11:15am by Shak

There were some great hack and slash titles in March, with Sekiro and Devil May Cry out in the same month, but April is going to be a different beast.
In any case, here’s the full list of games you can expect for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita platforms in the April 2019:


FAR: Lone Sails – April 2nd
Modern Tales: Age of Invention – April 2nd
Sephirothic Stories – April 2nd
Monster Dynamite – April 2nd
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – April 2nd
AngerForce: Reload – April 2nd
Sword & Fairy 6 – April 2nd

Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing – April 3rd
Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition – April 3rd

Skorecery – April 4th

Beat Blaster – April 5th

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy – April 9th
Shovel Knight: King of Cards – April 9th
Shovel Knight Showdown – April 9th
Zanki Zero: Last Beginning – April 9th
Dangerous Driving – April 9th
Falcon Age – April 9th
Vaporum – April 9th

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain – April 10th

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain – April 11th
Shadowgate – April 11th

Ghost Giant – April 16th
Heaven’s Vault – April 16th
World War Z – April 16th
My Time at Portia – April 16th
Table of Tale: The Crooked Crown – April 16th

Truberbrook – April 17th

Our World is Ended – April 18th
Katana ZERO – April 18th
God’s Trigger – April 18th

Konami Anniversary Collection: Arcade Classics – April 19th

Jupiter & Mars – April 22nd

Mortal Kombat 11 – April 23rd

Aggelos – April 25th

Days Gone – April 26th (PS4-exclusive)

Fade to Silence – April 30th




Shovel Knight: King of Cards – April 9th

Shovel Knight Showdown – April 9th

Sony’s PS4-exclusive Days Gone is finally out this month after months of waiting, and Mortal Kombat 11 is back too. What games will you be picking up this month?