Ready At Dawn: The Order ‘A Huge Commercial Risk’

Posted on Apr 19 2014 - 2:01pm by Shak

The Order: 1886 is scheduled for release at some point in late 2014, despite very little information about the game being released up until now. We’re all hoping for some sort of E3 announcement, but the developers of the game are aware that the era and setting of the game could be polarizing. Ready At Dawn head, Ru Weerasuriya said in an interview:

We’re not talking about an obtuse indie oddity here – there are still men with guns, after all. But in contrast to its fellow next-gen peers The Order is still a huge commercial risk. What if people aren’t interested in neo-Victorian London? What if moustachioed knights carrying lightning guns doesn’t sell? There’s not much precedent within the industry to make your sales projections on.

Despite the worries, Ready At Dawn are still willing to take the risk. Weerasuriya said in PlayStation Magazine:

Early on we told ourselves that this is what we believe in, we have to do this right. I hope people attach to it.

Naughty Dog took a huge risk with The Last of Us, and it paid dividends for Sony and was a great experience for gamers. Let’s hope that The Order: 1886 can do the same!