Sony Pre-TGS 2014 Conference Full Summary and Recap

Posted on Sep 5 2014 - 9:00am by Shak

Sony Japan’s Pre-Tokyo Game Show conferences are perhaps the worst when it comes to production value, especially in comparison to E3 and GamesCom, but there tend to be a few decent announcement mixed into the show. PlayStationing like to do a simple recap of these events in bullet point form so everyone can read through all the announcements in one place, so here it is for the pre-TGS show this year:

  • 10 million PS4 sales confirmed, 44 games to be shown (numbered below, I missed a few, sorry).
  • Dangonronpa Vita announced.
  • Way of the Samurai Vita announced.
  • Phantasy Star Nova Vita, available November in Japan.
  • Gundam Breaker 2.
  • Luminous Arc Infinity.
  • Some Japanese romance game Vita.
  • Light pink Vita launching on November 13th.
  • Dangonronpa laser-engraved PS Vita also coming.
  • PS Vita themes announced for upcoming update.
  • Over 100 new games before March for Vita.
  • Vita game montage shown.
  • PS4 section:
  • PlayStation accounts for 78% of Japanese market share.
  • PS4 games montage shown.
  • Assassin’s Creed Unity showcased.
  • The Crew explained and shown.
  • Far Cry 4 explained, and shown with Japanese voice acting, out in January in Japan.
  • The Witcher 3 trailer shown, Japanese VO.
  • Shuhei Yoshida now on stage.
  • Everybody’s Golf PS4.
  • LittleBigPlanet 3 trailer.
  • The Tomorrow Children (Q-Games, PixelJunk-maker’s next game) shown. Closed alpha next month in Japan, 17th September app releases on JP PSN.
  • The Order 1886 GamesCom trailer, Japanese VO.
  • Bloodborne trailer, plus release date announcement. February 5th, 2015, Japan.
  • Morpheus will be at TGS, with new demos.
  • Demo created by Tekken team called Summer Lesson.
  • Kingdom Under Fire 2.
  • Blue Side RTS.
  • Suda 51’s Let it Die.
  • Earth Defense Forces 4.1, Shadow of New Despair.
  • Disgaea 5 PS4 2015.
  • Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro talk about P.T.
  • MGSV: The Phantom Pain talked about.
  • Capcom show Resident Evil remake.
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 announced with live-action trailer, early 2015.
  • Yakuza Zero set in 1988, cross-play between Vita & PS4, out for PS4 and PS3 in Spring 2015.
  • Bandai Namco now on stage, God Eater announced for PS4.
  • Dragonball Xenoverse.
  • Gundam teaser trailer.
  • Dead or Alive 5 PS4.
  • Fairy Fencer F shown.
  • New Ys game coming to PS4.
  • Omega Quintet.
  • Neptunia 7.
  • Persona 5 announced for PS4 in 2015.
  • PS4 customisation and themes announced or next firmware.
  • Dragon Quest Heroes announced for PS4.

I’ve missed about 10 games here, these were probably ones with obscure Japanese names that would never have come to the West (and I don’t expect a lot of these to either). However, there were some notable announcements. In particular, Dragon Quest Heroes, which although looks like a Dynasty Warriors-esque game, is the first Dragon Quest game on a PlayStation platform since 2005. It only took Sony selling all there shares in Square Enix for them to realise that they’re missing out on a huge market I suppose.

Sony is also reportedly doing another conference during TGS, which runs from September 18-21 this year, that will probably cover most of the same stuff, but with release dates for other Asian territories.