The Bug Butcher Review

Posted on Oct 20 2016 - 2:24pm by Shak

The Bug Butcher launched on Steam back in January, but has just launched for the PlayStation 4, and the developers of the game were kind enough to provide us with a code to the review it. So what is The Bug Butcher and is it worth a look?

In The Bug Butcher you play as an exterminator called Harry, whose job is to clear the alien bugs out of a research facility on another planet. The way he does this is he shoots directly upwards with his blaster, and in no other direction. This seems a little weird at first but you do eventually get used to it. Harry can also do a short dash to get under the bouncing bugs that are coming towards him to increase his multiplier.

Harry isn’t alone though, he does have some help in the form of a scientist who provides Harry with temporary upgrades to his main weapon. The scientist isn’t usually affected by the enemies’ attacks, but there are some bugs that can actually take him away so you do need to protect him to some extent. Bugs you kill drop coins that can also be used to upgrade your weapons and unlock other special abilities, although unlocking them doesn’t mean you can use them straight away. There is still an element of waiting until one of the scientists randomly provides you with the temporary upgrade.


The levels consist of waves of enemies, and there are thirty missions in total to complete that get more difficult as you progress. You can also change the game’s difficulty if you are struggling, but The Bug Butcher is a good balance between difficult and easy. In addition to the arcade mode, there is a single player mode where you can select the level you wish to play, and a co-op mode where you can play the game with a friend.

And that’s about it. As far as content is concerned, for the price, The Bug Butcher does give you a good few hours of fun gameplay. The further you progress in the levels, the more hectic things get so you may not be able to beat the game in one sitting. One thing that I particularly liked about this game is the sarcastic and quite funny dialogue between Harry and the scientists, it adds a lot of character to a simple 2D shooter. The Bug Butcher is a great little title that you can jump in and out of when you have time.

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