The Evolution of Elena from Uncharted

Posted on Jul 16 2015 - 12:00pm by Gaf Hussain


When Uncharted was originally unveiled, Elena, one of the franchise’s main characters, was a brunette. The developers then decided she should be a blonde and her face has evolved throughout each game in the Uncharted series. Below you can see the evolution of Elena from all four games, and the difference is quite apparent!

Uncharted 1e1

Uncharted 2e2

Uncharted 3e3

Uncharted 4e4

The detail in Elena’s model has increased every iteration, but skin texture for Uncharted 4’s version of Elena looks so realistic it is hard to imagine this could be improved upon. It’s also worth noting how different she looks in each model, considering this is supposed to be the same person, every model is quite different from the other.