The Order: 1886 Will Feature Real-Life Inventors

Posted on Jun 5 2014 - 12:00pm by Shak

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive, The Order: 1886, is going to allow you to meet real-life inventors of the time in the game, similar to what we’ve come to expect from games like Assassin’s Creed. Ready at Dawn co-founder, Ru Weerasuriya said in OPM:

The player will interact with real world people, amongst whom are scientists. The weapons provided are attributed to many famous inventors in our history.

He was coy on giving any specific details about which inventors you will meet, but he did mention that there is a weapon based on Tesla coil technology, so there is probably a good chance of seeing Nikola Tesla in the game. It also seems that the majority of the weapons in The Order: 1886 will be loosely based on technology that was invented during the late 19th Century, so other inventors are likely to feature.