Unity Engine Full Public Release for PS4 Announced

Posted on Jun 17 2014 - 5:47pm by Shak

Unity has announced the full public release of Unity 4.3 for PlayStation 4. Unity for PlayStation 4 brings support for powerful next-generation technologies such as Shader Model 5 and compute shaders, allowing developers to create truly stunning visuals. The release also includes support for all the DUALSHOCK 4 features, including accessing each controller’s individual speaker, touchpad, vibration, and light color.

Finally, Unity4.3 for PlayStation 4 supports camera features such as depth detection, hand and face positioning and PS Move detection. Full support for integration with Sony’s VR headset, Project Morpheus, is coming soon.

To get access to Unity 4.3 for PlayStation 4, developers need to register with Sony. Once registered, developers can download Unity for PlayStation 4, get creating and self-publish. It’s that simple. As a special extra incentive, Sony will make a number of licenses available absolutely free of charge for approved titles.

A number of PS4 titles built in Unity have already shipped and many more are in production. Recent releases include; Stick It To The Man by Zoink! Games and CounterSpy by Dynamighty.