Vampyr Review

Posted on Jun 12 2018 - 5:00pm by Shak
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Vampyr puts a unique spin on the vampire genre, asking you to choose between saving people and feeding on them. That’s because you play as Dr. Jonathan Reid who has a duty to save the people from the Spanish Flu spreading in London. However, as a newly-turned vampire, you also have the need to feed on the people you are trying to save.

The game takes place in London 1918, just after the first World War. The environments in London are dark and gloomy, and are slightly reminiscent of what you may have seen in The Order: 1886, or Dishonored. Although some may not like the dull colours that are prominent throughout. The soundtrack which has been composed by Olivier Deriviere matches this industrial and gloomy city perfectly.

The premise behind Vampyr is quite simple, but the story is very engaging. The initial stages of the game are based on your character coming to terms with becoming a vampire, but also trying to save the city from the flu epidemic. Throughout the game you have to come to terms with your condition and choose whether to feed to survive, or fight off foes hungry and make life a little more difficult for yourself. This is the way the developers have increased the difficulty in the game.

You can obtain missions by speaking to people in the city. Missions vary from simple things such as as stopping fights to finding lost items. The more you speak to characters, the better their blood become for you. So if you do ever decide to drink their blood, which you can to almost everyone in the “Citizen System”, you will gain more experience and be able to unlock new abilities quicker.

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