What Sony Needs to Bring to Win E3 2015

Posted on May 26 2015 - 9:26pm by Shak

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is almost among us, and it seems to come sooner and sooner each year. I suppose that’s a good thing when gamers consider it to be the biggest event in the gaming calendar, and with this event comes the hope that you may see something new or something fresh announced. Sometimes though, you’re just looking forward to a sequel to one of your favourite games.

The Last Guardian is that game,and considering it’s predecessors Shadow of the Colossus, and ICO are two of the most critically acclaimed games of the PlayStation 2 era, you can’t blame us (or anyone else for that matter) for hoping Sony brings this game to E3 2015.

The Last Guardian was teased back in 2007, and there is a strong possibility it has been in development since 2005 when the previous game released, but time and time again we’ve been disappointed when it hasn’t shown up at an event. This is one game we don’t want to see die like so many other Sony games that have been announced but amounted to nothing. E3 2015 feels like it’s last chance, but if Sony brings this game to E3, and only this game with a release date, they would win E3, hands down.

Is this just wishful thinking or could this be the year that The Last Guardian is re-announced?