Where to Watch E3 2015 Press Conferences

Posted on Jun 13 2015 - 6:00pm by Shak

GameTrailers/Spike TV/Twitch will be live streaming all of the major conferences, but if you want a backup stream just in case, there are some available for the conferences. Here are some alternative links to the live streams:

  • Bethesda – Twitch is streaming everything this year also.
  • Microsoft – Or watch on the Windows Phone App or your Xbox.
  • EA – Also on Twitch.
  • Ubisoft.
  • Sony – And the direct Ustream link, also you can watch this on your PS4 if you are in the US, nothing has been announced for EU yet.
  • Nintendo – And most likely on their Youtube account too as this isn’t really a conference.
  • Square Enix
  • PC Gaming Show – 3 hours long!

There will also be pre and post-show content on Twitch, GameTrailers, and Sony are doing their own content as well.

Update: We’ve also got a sticky post here, which will have all the streams on it.