Why Capcom? Why Would You Do This??? – RE3 Duplicated Icons

Posted on Apr 5 2020 - 10:11am by Ben Brown

Recently Capcom released the eagerly awaited remake for Resident Evil 3. But this time they were going to add some more content, namely an online stand alone game called Resident Evil Resistance which no one asked for but it came “free” with RE3 Remake. So thoughtfully, Capcom gave gamers the option to select what they wanted to install.

Before I say this, I know there are bigger problems in the world and this may come across as entitled, but I have to say this for all of those who have that slight strain of OCD that means this specific thing, or things like it will bother you to no end.

Most of you, like myself installed both and thought nothing of it. The icon actually looked like a “Download” button, so perhaps we don’t need the disc anymore. Wrong, you need it to authenticate the install.

So now we have this awful double icon on our PS4 menu screen, and it is the end of the world!

So far this only seems to affect those who bought the physical copy of the game. Please patch this out Capcom, for our sanity.