Guy Makes a Giant Wooden PlayStation 1 Cover for His PS5

Posted on Mar 17 2021 - 10:49pm by Gaf Hussain

Forget about faceplate how about a cheese dome-esque wooden cover for your PS5 in the design of the classic PlayStation 1! That is exactly what woodworker and furniture designer Chris Salomone decided to do!

After realising that the PS5 just stood out too much in his living room, he decided to make it “blend” in better by creating a cover for it, so he used CAD to help design the project.

And then using a combination of power tools, hand tools and CNC carving he started this week long venture.

I have always loved video games and even the design of a lot of the consoles. One of the most iconic (in my opinion) is the PlayStation 1. So today I’m building a giant PlayStation 1 our of wood as a shell to cover my PlayStation 5. Maybe not the most practical use of my time, but definitely a lot of fun!

Chris Salomone

What do you think of the final design, would you have something similar?

Watch the fully narrated build video below and subscribe to Chris Salomone’s channel Foureyes Furniture.