PlayStation VR Aim Controller Review

Posted on May 23 2017 - 9:00am by Gaf Hussain

PlayStation VR has already taken the leap of immersion by putting us inside the game; paired with some 5.1 surround sound headphones you can totally escape reality. The only draw back so far are the controllers. The Move controller is better than the DualShock 4, however Sony has gone one step further and developed a two handed gun controller, but to keep it family-friendly it is referred to as the “Aim” controller.

Build Quality

The body of the controller is very solid and sturdy without any plastic creaking. Furthermore the body doesn’t feel plasticky either. The design is in all white with some elegant light grey highlights and the triggers in a darker shade.


It features all the buttons you’d find on a DualShock 4 controller, even the touchpad. However it appears to be a button instead of a touch input. You can even navigate the PS4 menu screen and launch a game with the Aim controller. The R1 button is mirrored, perfect for left and right handed players and is typically used for reloading.


At first the controller feels very comfortable to hold, but after an hour of gameplay and white-knuckling the gun grip, it would’ve benefited from a softer grip, or at the very least a contoured handle. The main trigger feels good, it has a good “throw”. The other buttons are not so great; the D-pad, L1 and L2 buttons feel mushy, the face buttons are very stiff and have a hollow feel, and the others are simply OK.

The vibration feedback is impressive, and is surprisingly strong. However, I feel it was a missed opportunity to include some recoil technology to simulate firing a gun. I can’t imagine this controller will be used in any other type of game.

The tracking on a whole is really good. The ball on the front lights up exactly like a Move controller, there is a small amount of jitter, but nothing game breaking.


Unfortunately this is the weakest part of the controller. Unlike the impressive housing for the VR headset, the box for the Aim controller is only to there as a function. The outer card sleeve has a quirky opening flap design, but the inside is very basic, so much so, you don’t even get a USB charger cable.


The  Aim controller only works for Farpoint at the moment, but other titles have announced compatibility. It is no doubt that this controller adds immersion and feels good, but with no other competitors out there, it is the only option and that is quite obvious with the lack of extra technology implemented. With that said Sony have made a good effort with this controller, and we’re hoping to see more games with compatibility at E3.

  • Build Quality
  • Feel
  • Design
  • Presentation