F1 2019 Review | If it Ain’t Broke…

Posted on Jun 26 2019 - 8:47pm by Gaf Hussain

Over the past 2 years the F1 game franchise has improved by leaps and bounds from prior iterations. Adding more and more small quirky features and little nitty gritty details that build on the overall experience. It seems as though the developers at Codemasters have perfected the gameplay and the visuals, so what more could the possibly do?

There are a lot of returning features, all of which are practically unchanged. I suppose the developers used the old adage ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Graphics, Character selector, Gameplay, AI, Difficulty adjustments, Upgrades, Pit features, Race Weekends, and sadly even the interview feature is back with the same character model and voice actor. The list goes on, check the F1 2018 review I did last year for more details.

Possibly the best and most interesting new feature appears in the Career mode. You don’t immediately start off as an F1 racer. This time you begin as most F1 racers, in Formula 2 or F2 for short. But what makes this even more impressive is the fact that they are now story based. Each race starts off with a cutscene that sets the scenario. It really adds a bit more tension to the game and a bit of drama. The rivalry towards the racer Devon Butler is great. Not only do you see him try to cause you to crash in the cutscene, after you beat him you are awarded a fully voiced acted cutscene with Devon being a sore loser. It is simply brilliant and something that should have been done a long time ago.

Unfortunately, this only lasts for the F2 season, which consists of a handful of races only. It made me wish that they did this throughout the game, possibly something for next year. Or perhaps a recreation of the life story of a specific racer or a select few. Living moments of their careers as well as their lives could excel this series to the next level. The rest is business as usual. Races feel great, visuals are sharp and the AI can be as challenging as you’d like it to be, the now infamous 110 levels of AI difficulty is still present.

You have all the regular options of a GP, Championships and time trials in the single player modes. Multiplayer is also available with weekly events and leagues. You can join clans and work together to increase your ranks.

If you haven’t played an F1 game in a few years you are really in for a treat. Fans of the sport also need to buy this game, it is the best game in the genre and those who played the last one and didn’t like it should probably avoid.

  • Gameplay
  • Replay Value
  • Story
  • Sound
  • Visuals