GTA V (PS4) Review

Posted on Nov 24 2014 - 10:28am by Gaf Hussain
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One year on from its PS3 release, Rockstar has launched the eagerly anticipated PS4 version of its highly acclaimed Grand Theft Auto 5. It astounded fans and critics alike, with praise for its characters and story. GTA 5 was almost a perfect game, so what could they possibly improve?

For the first time in a GTA game you control three completely separate characters; Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Each character is completely different to each other but their lives cross paths in this incredibly intricate story several times. Michael is an ex-con who manages to escape prison and the heat of the police to live out his life in a mansion, living off his stolen wealth. He has a fairly loveless marriage and his kids don’t respect him.


Franklin on the other hand is a guy who probably fits the bill for the classic Grand Theft Auto archetype. A guy who just wants to make an honest living, but his skills as a great driver as well as the ability to steal cars so efficiently, always brings him to the fore-front of the polices’ attention.

And finally there is Trevor, who is introduced as a borderline insane psychopath who within minutes of his introduction is scraping someone’s brains off the bottom of his shoe. He is a menacing character and almost intolerable at times, but as the game progresses you begin to warm to him. Trevor has been nominated for several awards as character of the year, because he is so different to what we are used to when it comes to video game characters.

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