Injustice 2 Review | More Violent, More Fun

Posted on May 22 2017 - 9:00am by Gaf Hussain
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NetherRealm Studios set the bar for the best story mode in a fighting game with Mortal Kombat X; they kept this standard when they moved over to Injustice Gods Among Us, their first console soiree into the DC Comics intellectual property. Many were disappointed on the toned down violence, but lauded the story-line. Can Injustice 2 improve upon an existing formula that works without breaking it?

Injustice 2’s single player story mode carries on from the previous game. Joker drugs Superman and tricks him into killing his wife Lois Lane and their unborn child. When he snaps out of it, Superman kills the Joker and vows to stop crime before it happens with extreme prejudice. Many of the superhero roster side with Superman’s harsh stance on killing. However there are those who oppose it; Batman leads the way to capture Superman and stop the madness. Not only is this achieved in the first few chapters of the story, it goes in many places that you wouldn’t expect and a visit from Brainiac brings the sides together again.

Simply put, the story mode is the best I have ever played in a fighting game to date. It not only outshines the first and is paced perfectly, but it is also more interesting than anything you see in the TV shows and Movies. When you want more story cutscenes than fighting, that’s what you get! And when you are itching to fight you will get a slew of battles one after the other. Voice-acting is perfect, and the facial animations are the best I’ve ever seen. Every lip curl and mouth wrinkle matches the speech accurately. I was particularly impressed with Harley Quinn. Visually the game is quite striking, I wasn’t a fan of some of the character designs, but others look great.

You can complete the single player in roughly 6 hours, which is spread over 12 chapters, but you won’t only play it once. There are conflicts during the game where you can chose who fights them and with a final choice that allows for 2 different endings.

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