LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 | Press Square to Win

Posted on Nov 30 2017 - 9:00am by Gaf Hussain

The LEGO games have been around now for well over a decade. They have always divided people; there are those who love them and others who find them too easy and boring. I have to admit I have always leaned to the latter, but the addition of the Marvel superheroes piqued my interest.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 begins with the Guardians of the Galaxy but they aren’t the only ones you play as. Throughout the campaign you will unlock dozens of characters all with their own move sets.

Kang the conqueror; a time-travelling super villain has invaded your city and transported it to Chronopolis, the hub world; to a location in space and you must stop him. In every stage you are accompanied with at least one other player and up to four (note: you can play this two-player couch co-op). Playing on your own you will need to switch between your team to utilise their abilities to advance. This varies hugely from Dr Strange opening up portals to Captain America throwing his shield to activate switches.

All stages contain multiple collectables and character specific interactions. In many cases these interactions will involve a super hero that is not in your party, and will require a second play through in “free play” mode in order to unlock.

During the campaign there are points where you can select a branching story, however it is falsified, and just lets you play the story missions in whatever order you want to. A little pointless, but I suppose it is nice to have.

By far the best thing about this game are the cutscenes and the dialogue. I found myself eagerly awaiting the next piece of story. Luckily the stages are paced fairly well, and there are lots of cutscenes. The writing it great and quite funny, unfortunately not as dark as LEGO movies, but still good. The gameplay isn’t as good, and has not changed much since these games came out. The controls are clunky and I would continually get stuck on geometry and on random occasions the controlled character would slingshot across the arena.

Similarly, the puzzles are also clunky, they are worsened by the camera, and the lack of camera controls. The fixed camera has likely remained unchanged due to the co-op play and for gamers of lower skill levels, and this is what draws the line between whether you will like this game or not. It is very easy and death has no consequence at all. It removes all frustrations, so much so that you can simply mash square to win any of the boss battles. Which are fairly well designed, but without the threat of death, you need not put any effort in them.

Swapping between characters is also a little awkward too. Press triangle to swap between characters. But some character will do a move when you press triangle, Spiderman will change suits to become Peter Park when you do so, and the button also brings up the character select as well as the vehicle spawner. There are loads of unused buttons that aren’t utilised that could have made this problem go away.

Replay value is the key to extending this game. Each stage lasts around 30 minutes, with collectables and character specific unlocks it could easily extend this 8 to 10-hour game. If you like LEGO games you already know that you will enjoy this one, on the hand you may hate LEGO games, so this will likely not change your opinion. The cutscenes are great, and they definitely helped me through the entire experience despite the borderline tedious gameplay.

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  • Gameplay
  • Replay Value
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