Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Review

Posted on Sep 19 2016 - 7:02pm by Gaf Hussain

pes-2017Pro Evolution Soccer is released every year almost as soon as a new championship of football is on the way. PES 2017 is aiming to take football games to a whole new level, but can it attain these lofty goals?

Yearly franchises rarely feature drastic changes, but tend to have many small tweaks to perfect them, and this is the case with this year’s iteration of Pro Evolution Soccer. The things you want to look-out for are the improved goalkeeper AI; they react the way they are supposed to, and rarely will you see an easy goal drift by them. Controls are even more responsive, and quick touch football is something that is easier than ever. It’s still not perfect, as you will get the odd pass that goes to the unintended player, and in turns results in an interception, but it’s a lot better than before.


PES has been using the FOX engine for 3 years now, and every year this game looks better and better, particularly the footballers who have been digitally scanned into the game. Although you rarely get to see them up close, it’s definitely a feature that is much appreciated during the replays. Coupling this with the series’ impressive animations and realistic reactions, PES 2017 is the best looking football game on the market. Deals with FC Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool also now allow KONAMI access to the teams, which means incredibly detailed players and stadiums, all scanned to minute details.


The soundtrack leaves little to be desired, but it can be easily muted, and only plays in the menu. Commentary is top notch as usual, however there are occasions where certain important plays are missed by the voice over that can pull you out of the realism factor. The ambience of the audience is there also and is as good as you’d expect. If you’ve played last year’s Pro Evo game, you will know what to expect for the most part in terms of commentary.

All the usual modes are there, the exhibition match is the most commonly used, and a game can be loaded up in 10 seconds after you have selected your teams, which is impressive. The UEFA Cups and the AFC cup are included as well as the much-loved single player campaign that takes your player to the top. There’s not much different in that area though, if you’ve played previous games, this is not a huge jump in terms of content. Most of the changes in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 are tweaks behind the scenes, which is good, but there’s nothing new here to sink your teeth into.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 plays well, and looks great, and the user interface is even presented in a very slick manner. However the changes are relatively minor, and still to this date many of the teams are unlicensed, which will be the biggest sticking point for most fans of football. You want to hear the names of your team’s players during a match, but it’s not the case for every team. It appears as though with each game a few more teams jump on the PES band wagon, and someday your team will too.

Fans of the series will notice the improvements in controls and graphical fidelity, and newcomers will enjoy the fluidity of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. It’s definitely one of the best football games around, so if you are football crazy, it’s a must-buy.

This game was reviewed on the PlayStation 4.

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