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Posted on Dec 16 2018 - 7:50pm by Gaf Hussain
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Slime Rancher has been around on PC since 2015. It released as a beta and was continually iterated upon until it reached the full release stage and thankfully it has made its way to the PlayStation 4. 3 years after its inception, does it still hold up?

You play as Beatrix LeBeau and are taking care of a ranch on the Far, Far Range one thousand light years away from Earth, which was once owned by the legendary slime rancher Hobson Twillgers. The story and setup pretty much end there, with an occasional email or in-world memo, and you are thrown into the game almost immediately with almost no hand-holding, and have to explore to figure it all out.

Your humble abode

Equipped with a VacPack you have to suck in slimes you find out on the range and then take them back to your ranch in order to harvest their poop, or ‘plorts’. There are over 20 slimes each completely different and varied in rarity, and so are their plorts. Cash the plorts in and receive ‘newbucks’ to purchase upgrade to make your job easier and more efficient.

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