Snooker 19 Review | Chalk it up as a Win

Posted on Apr 24 2019 - 9:00am by Gaf Hussain
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The Snooker World Championship has just started and it feels like there hasn’t been a good snooker game on current gen consoles in a long time. Unlike a football game, the snooker balls pretty much follow the laws of physics. The game itself has been around for over 140 years and still manages to capture the minds of spectators worldwide, many times the players draw more attention than the sport. So, can Snooker 19 hit a 147 break, or is it destined to be snookered off the first shot?

It appears as though the developer Maximum Games has realised that the players are what draw in the crowds, and they didn’t hold back, with over 100 professional and amateur players to select. All characters are fully scanned and have detailed stats, sadly, this is where the interesting features end. The models lack facial animation, which leads to very stilted and dead looking characters, and their bodies move in a very stiff way.

Thankfully the actual table and the dozens of arenas are much better to look at, and to play the game well, this is all that really matters. Snooker balls look perfectly round and are animated very well. You can use all the spin features physics will allow.

The ‘Aim Assist’ is instrumental in making this game challenging. Yes, you can increase the difficulty of the AI, but if the aim guidelines were too good, there would be no obstacle in your way to victory. There are three settings Amateur, Pro and Master. It is different to what I have been used to in the past, and a lot trickier to master. You have a fading line when taking a shot, it is longer on the easier setting. However, it has a second layer of accuracy whereby the line becomes a cone shape depending on the complexity of the shot. The game defaults as ‘Pro’ which is frankly unplayable, I would recommend most gamers to play on Amateur, this game becomes playable and ultimately more fun.

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