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Posted on Aug 28 2017 - 5:41pm by Gaf Hussain
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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was originally slated as DLC, however Naughty Dog soon realised they had something special on their hands and decided to spend a little more time on it to expand it into a standalone game. This instantly raised expectations and of course the price tag. It isn’t a full priced game, but has a fully-fledged single player campaign and all the multiplayer modes from Uncharted 4 as well.

You follow Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross on the hunt for the Tusk of Ganesh and discover the secrets of the Hoysala Empire. These events occur after Uncharted 4, but in a completely different location. As with every Uncharted game there is an antagonist and The Lost Legacy is no different. Asav, an unassuming man in glasses runs an army of soldiers who are after the same treasure with an ulterior motive. Throughout the game you unlock more of Chloe’s back story, with some genuinely touching moments, one in particular that made my eyes water. Nadine on the other hand remains fairly wooden, her history remains a mystery for the most part, but this is likely due to her tight-lipped character. She is not a person who is comfortable talking about her emotions, so at least it is fitting to a degree. Most of the character-building dialogue happens during gameplay and optional conversations that prevent the traversing from becoming stale. Nadine does open up a little, but annoyingly it seems to happen when the game ends.

The voice acting and facial capture is spectacular and the aforementioned moment was captured beautifully. Claudia Black’s subtle reaction sold it perfectly and was probably why it hit me the way it did. Chloe is clearly the star of the show, and you never get to control Nadine. I did have a few moments where I missed Nathan Drakes’ character, his charm and cheeky attitude definitely leads to a more entertaining moment to moment game, but Chloe also has her moments, albeit sparsely.

One of the most interesting stages is Chapter 4, the Western Ghats region. This is similar to the Madagascar level in Uncharted 4 where the world opens up, but this time it’s even bigger! Go wherever you want, in whatever order you want; from looking for secret tokens, treasures or carrying out the story-progressing missions. It’s easy to spend over 2 hours here and I loved every minute. The other missions, and even the story follows the classic formula, and it works. Stages are peppered with hands-down, the best puzzles Naughty Dog have created; some are very creative, challenging and jaw-dropping-ly clever. The pacing is also superb and there is no longer the difficulty spike I have experienced in every other Uncharted title.

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