World War Z Review | Zombie Horde, More like Zombie Bored

Posted on May 6 2019 - 12:30pm by Gaf Hussain
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Since Left 4 Dead created the 4-player zombie co-op shooter there have been a few who have tried to emulate it. So far no one have really gotten anywhere close to the style and gameplay, or the interesting characters with their unique dialogue. So, does World War Z and the hordes of zombies get it right?

From the outset, World War Z has very few game options. You can play it online or offline and solo with AI companions. From there you have the choice to select any chapter and episode from the campaign and can tackle it in any order. Which in some ways is good, however can make your experience a bit disjointed even though I don’t think anyone would play the last episode first etc. So it may as well have been locked and done in order.

Each Chapter has 3 episodes and the final chapter has just 2. These aren’t very long either, roughly 15 -20 minutes each. There isn’t a great deal of gameplay here, but the goal of this game is to continually replay the stages with a group of friends online and unlock more items as well as increasing the difficulty to make it more challenging.

Easily the most impressive thing about World War Z is the horde of zombies. The first time you encounter one and see it running at you from a distance is quite incredible, never have you seen this many zombies rendered in such detail. It isn’t long before you start to see the flaws in this game though, namely the AI and how quickly the zombies are taken down. It is definitely a bit jarring after playing games like Resident Evil 2 where the zombies dodge and weave as well as take multiple clips.

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