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PlayStationing is an online gaming magazine covering all sorts of hardware and gaming news that we believe our readers will be interested in. We’re a new and young site, and hope that readers will give us a chance to grow. Soon, we hope to provide users with a chance to win certain products, but that will come with the growth of the site.

If you want to contact us for any reason, please use our contact form here. Please be aware that whilst we read all the emails, we cannot reply to everyone. If you think there is some news we should be covering, please let us know through the contact form above.


Shak Hussain – Editor-in-chief

Email: shak@playstationing.com
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“PlayStationing’s Editor-In-Chief, Shak, also works on the website’s design, sales, marketing, as well as providing a lot of new stories. He has a big passion for the video games industry and in particular the PlayStation brand having worked on several PlayStation websites before. He’s always working to make the website better, and is willing to listen to all feedback, whether good or bad.”

Gaf – Contributor/Graphics

Email: gaf@playstationing.com
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“Gaf is a huge contributor to PlayStationing.com, and has provided several news tips as well as occasional articles here and there. In addition to this, he also prototyped several logos for the website, and developed the one we currently use. He also created the introductory transition which is used on all of our unique videos. And that’s not all, he’s fantastic at making 3D models, particularly cars, and is passionate about graphics design.”

Ben – Contributor/Artist

Email: ben@playstationing.com
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“Ben has a huge passion for games, but also for art, and has spent a number of years studying illustration, animation and game design through college and university. You can see more of Ben’s thoughtful, or thoughtless, writings on his website, www.MindDump.co.uk, or you can see some of his own artwork at www.OddDino.com.”

We are looking for contributors, but be aware that these will be voluntary positions. If you are a good writer and looking to expand your experience, feel free to contact me at the email listed above with a sample of your work.