All the Changes from the “New” PS5 Model

Posted on Aug 30 2021 - 2:01pm by Ben Brown

Sony released an updated edition of the PS5 Digital model in Japan this month and the only different isn’t just the weight.

A simple change to the base is first. Now you can unscrew the bolt by hand thanks to the additional space around the screw.

And the bolt head itself is thicker with a textured edge.

It is now quieter, running approximately 1.4 Decibels lower than the original model. Old: 43.5Db, New 42.1 Db.

But it oddly runs hotter than the original by 3 degrees Celsius out of the box. You may suspect the cooling fans and heat sinks are likely different, and you’d be right!

More fins should equal more cooling?

Possibly the largest change is the size of the heatsink, almost all of the copper has been removed and a larger percentage of the footprint has decreased. Even the weight is 300 grams lighter than the original:

It draws more power than the previous model. Old 225 Watts of power, New 230 Watts.

The Wi-Fi module has evolved too, with a different chip and the wiring appears to have been simplified.

Notice the 2 wires in the bottom missing on the new board

And finally, a silly and unusual change, but the shade of the motherboard is a deeper green! Not that it matters, but just something we noticed.

Sony also reported that it is finally not making a loss on each console it sells. We are all aware that since the PS3, the launch console is always the best one, and any proceeding this are usually cheaper and of lower quality.

We also assume that the original was over-engineered in terms of cooling to avoid any negative press in case overheating caused damage to chips and the console itself. No-one wants the debacle of the red ring of death the Xbox 360 faced. So it is very likely that these higher temperatures are safe for the machine to run at.

Huge thanks to Austin Evans’ video below to allow us to write this piece: