DualSense & DualShock Overlay Size Comparison

Posted on Apr 7 2020 - 10:31pm by Gaf Hussain

So many things have me curious about this controller and many have been answered on the PlayStation Blog article. However, the one thing they left out was the size, how big is it?

Assuming the buttons are the same size as well as the D-Pad, which i think is a safe assumption as they line-up perfectly along with the sticks, you can get a rough idea on what it looks like below:

DualShock 4 ghosting over, check image below without any ghosting

From what I can gather, the hand grips are where the majority of changes are occurring. They are long and narrower, which I welcome, my pinky fingers always fall off the edge. And the top section is rounder.

How the buttons all line up and so do the sticks
Exaggerated outline

Another interesting detail for me, and will appeal to PSP fans are the, what appear to be clear buttons. A bit of a nod to a classic console.

This may be the clearest image for most of you

The PlayStation button is gone and a narrow one has replaced it. However, i wonder if the PS logo itself is a button. So perhaps the narrow button below is for the microphone ability?

I can’t wait to get my hands on it, throw up the pre-orders Sony and take my money!