Guy Spends 3 Months to Make a ¾” (19mm) PS5 Slim

Posted on Jun 19 2022 - 4:55pm by Shak

YouTuber DIY Perks is no stranger to making slim version of consoles in his trademarked brass and copper finishes, but this was likely his greatest challenge and it didn’t go smoothly.

Taking over 3 months and damaging a motherboard and almost calling it quits. This masterpiece was only possible due to the customer water-cooling block.

To get it this thin the digital only console was used and the power brick was externalised.

2cm was targeted but it managed to come in just under that. 1.9cm, 19mm or ¾ inch.

An entire copper body was used to not only passively cool the system, but actively cool it with water cooling channels placed strategically for the CPU and other components.

Check out the full video with it’s twists and turns towards the end of the build when the console doesn’t turn on!

The chip shortage is a thing of the past and Sony is only just starting to maintain stock levels of the PS5. It may be another two years before we see anything like this from Sony, but do you reckon they’ll get anywhere close to this?