Horizon Forbidden West Weapon Wheel Gives Aloy 6 Weapons Instead of 4

Posted on May 29 2021 - 11:27pm by Gaf Hussain

Only last week I found myself revisiting Horizon Zero Dawn and playing the Frozen Wilds DLC. It is incredible, but my main frustrations were with the amount of weapons you could carry.

Well actually, you can carry them all, but have them quickly selectable on the weapon wheel was the main issue. If you didn’t have any ice arrows and your foe was weak to them it would take navigating a few menus before you could add them to the weapons wheel.

What appears to be the same on the face of things is a little different on closer inspection. The wheel was originally split into quadrants with the alternative ammo selectable from within. It now splits into six and I’m all for it!

Other then this, the changes are minor and easier to see.

Looks like the grappling hook takes up a slot, which is a shame as that only leaves five open slots and the new explosive spears fills them, maybe there will be others?

Horizon Forbidden West will likely release later this year.