How to Fix Power Cut Outage Bricked PS5 Safe Mode Reset Options Greyed Out

Posted on Nov 30 2020 - 10:17am by Gaf Hussain

A power outage whilst playing your console is up there with being one of the most stressful things. Will the console work? Has it been bricked? Can I fix it? Options are greyed out?! Try this simple fix.

When the PS5 is ‘shutdown’ in an unsafe way, such as a power outage it will forcibly put itself into a safe mode whereby you will have to rebuild the database.

A power outage will cause the following to occur. The safe mode will load up upon the next time you launch your console, however, all options apart from option #7. Reset PS5 (Reinstall System Software). Which you’d think would allow you to do reinstall the software. Neither a USB or the download will work and it throws up the error ‘Can’t find the update file’. Giving you the appearance that the console is ‘bricked’.


Hold the power button down for seven seconds on your PS5, then press again after it beeps.

This reboots in safe mode and the other options won’t be greyed out.

Select option #6, it will update this time without the need of the USB. It never finds it on #7. You do have to go through all the setup options again. All your games will be deleted but that’s a small price to pay, it’s a complete console reset.


Avoid putting your PS5 in sleep mode, it is still vulnerable to power outage issues when in this state.

When using a USB drive to reinstall system software, make sure it is formatted to FAT32 and the update is located in the following folder structure: PS5/UPDATE/”PS5UPDATE.PUP”

Direct link to the PS5 Reinstallation File

Or visit: PS5 System software (