Is Sony Working on a PlayStation Tablet Console Like the Switch?

Posted on Dec 13 2017 - 5:38pm by Gaf Hussain

Perhaps the better question to ask is should they? Nintendo has proven that there is a market for a dock-able home console that converts into a handheld is a viable option. So is Sony thinking about jumping in on this too?

Well, they haven’t been talking about Vita for quite some time now, and releases for the handheld have been drying up.


Or has Sony decided not to spread themselves too thin and stick with the console market and their new baby; PlayStation VR?

Could we see a standalone PSVR console. I.e. you only buy the headset and it comes with a small box that does all the processing? This would likely mean an all digital console, but this would suit Sony. Not only would it help test the waters for a PS5 without a disc tray, but allow for VR to stand on its own two feet so to speak.


The renders above are something i came up with about 6 years ago, but somehow they still seem to work all these years later. Would you buy an oversized Vita? Or should Sony leave this market to Nintendo?