Namco Bandai Produce Unique Sound Effects for the 2021 Nissan Qashqai

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 7:17pm by Gaf Hussain

Game developers and car manufacturers partnering up is not as rare and unusual as you might expect, well at least it isn’t in Japan or for Nissan for that matter, they worked with Polyphony Digital for the GTR and now it’s Namco’s turn.

To highlight the company’s and car’s Japanese DNA, the information sounds of the new Qashqai, for example the seatbelt reminder and turn signals, were developed in collaboration with Japanese video game developer and publisher Bandai Namco. The sounds have been developed to be more harmonious, with a melodic dual tone signature.

We’ve introduced a high level of connectivity to the new Qashqai which will allow our customers to monitor their car, communicate with it and be reassured by it via their home assistant devices or smartphones. But, at the heart of these new features is convenience and ease of use for our customers

Gareth Dunsmore, Vice President, Brand and Customer Experience, Nissan Automotive Europe
Skip to 3:51 to listen to the sounds

Western car makers need to collaborate with their local game companies too. Who do you think would make a great match up?