Pachter: “Sony Making a Huge Strategic Error Abandoning E3…Dumb Strategy…Biggest Loser”

Posted on Jul 17 2021 - 9:20pm by Gaf Hussain

Michael Pachter isn’t afraid to say what is on his mind, and on the latest episode of his SIFTD Games show Pachter Factor he lays into Sony for skipping E3.

Pachter goes on to mention that Sony was advised or figured out that they would save $20,000,000 skipping E3, which is a massive amount of money, and to most people would justify not doing it. But Pachter mentions that you can’t buy that amount of press coverage for $20M.

Having an event where all the fans are focused on a single spot is invaluable and as a fan I miss the Sony press conferences. They were always amazing and the surprises are superb. Sony has a field of experts who know how to pace an event and especially a reveal of a trailer.

Pachter also claimed they were the biggest losers at the event, simply for not attending and mentioned once again that it was “dumb”.

Watch the video for yourself and skip to 6:50 to get to the Sony comments.

We all can’t wait for Sony to make a comeback, hopefully next year as this year was a bit of a write-off anyway.