PSVR2 Leak Reports 2K Resolution Per Eye

Posted on May 12 2021 - 1:26am by Shak

Back in March Sony unveiled the new next generation VR controllers for the “PSVR2” with some specs on what to expect from them. However, they never mentioned anything about the headset. Look like an internal leak has revealed a thing or two about the headset we’ve all wanted to know.

Sony always targeted ‘good enough’ for it’s original foray into the VR domain. Priced reasonably it was super successful and the public didn’t mind the lower resolution as it allowed them all to jump in at a lower price point. But Sony has now upped the resolution to above what is currently on the market.

The original PSVR offers just 960 × 1080 per eye, but according to the PSVR 2 report leak, the next-gen headset will boast a resolution of 4000 × 2040 this translates to 2000×2040 per eye!

In addition to this, inside out tracking will now be the standard. Which seemingly means that PS5 camera is going to be redundant, no confirmation if it will be also needed. We know that the headset cameras will at least track the controllers. We hope the PS5 Camera isn’t needed.

A single USB-C cable will be required to allow the headset to operate, which is a massive step up from the wires from the last generation, however still a step away from the Oculus Quest that is optionally wireless for some games.

PSVR2 is likely to be released in 2022 or 2023, we can’t wait to see what games come alongside it’s launch.