Should Naughty Dog Reskin with HBO Actors for The Last of Us Remake?

Posted on Jun 6 2022 - 10:48pm by Gaf Hussain

Currently a 9 year old title, The Last of Us wowed fans with it’s realism and story. So popular that it has an upcoming HBO TV series in the works, which poses a question, will they, or should they redesign the main characters?

The reasons against the change would be that the characters are iconic and what fans are used to, and we want to see them in 4K with the levels of detail in The Last of Us 2 or beyond.

Ignore the shocking Photoshop!

But, wouldn’t Sony and Naughty Dog be recreating this game for the new audience it achieves when the TV series airs and the hype for the game is fresh once again?

These new gamers will come to the game after watching the show and in their minds Joel and Ellie are played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. So undoubtedly they may feel a lack of connection to the “classic” Joel and Ellie.

I see both arguments, and I would almost do what Metal Gear Solid 2 did in the beginning by asking the questions:

  • Do you like The Last of Us PS3?
  • Do you like The Last of Us TV show?

Based on the response your game automatically selects the appropriate skin and then both camps are happy. Obviously the option to switch would be great to have too!

We still have no announcement as of yet for the remake, but Summer Games Fest is starting soon, maybe we will get lucky?