Source: Major Retailers Clearing Xbox One Stock

Posted on Apr 8 2016 - 3:00pm by Shak

Microsoft may have already started preparing for a launch of a new console if our source is to be believed, as the source states that major UK retailers have begun clearing current Xbox One stock last week. This source is very reliable, and has stated that their company has received many consoles from a major retailer as part of a clearance, although no reason was stated other than a ‘stock refresh’.

There’s a strong possibility that Microsoft is preparing for a launch of an Xbox 1.5 as it has come to be known, and with how quickly the process has begun, it seems like the console will probably launch around E3, although that is unlikely.

On the other hand, could this just be the retailers getting rid of additional stock because it isn’t selling? This seems more unlikely to be perfectly honest. In any case, Sony may want to speed up it’s plans for it’s PS4k system, as it looks like Microsoft may beat them to the punch on this one.