Super Rare PS1 Game by ATLUS Sells for $390 Unsealed on eBay

Posted on Jun 1 2021 - 8:50pm by Gaf Hussain

The PS1 in now in the pantheon of consoles where nostalgia is at it’s peak. Those who owned the system want to buy back their youth and have enough disposable income to get the games they missed, and then some.

The game in question is a survival horror game made by ATLUS. Known for printing few copies of games to avoid losing money. The game is ‘Hellnight’. It only released in some PAL territories and never in the USA. It did come out in Japan, but under the name ‘Dark Messiah’.

Published by Konami, back when they did that!

Most people have never heard of it, and it wasn’t a particularly great game. But ATLUS collectors are keen to get their hands on the title. It isn’t common either. This one sold only a few days ago for charity on eBay and sold for more than most other rare PS1 games.

The auction was listed by The British Heart Foundation in the UK and sold for £275 which converts to a whopping $390!

Did you know that ATLUS made this game? Would you pay this much?