This is What PSVR 2 Specs Could Look Like

Posted on Feb 23 2021 - 8:40pm by Ben Brown

After the PlayStation Blog post from Hideaki Nishino Senior Vice President, Platform Planning & Management regarding the next generation of PlayStation VR, we thought it would be interesting to look back the specs and attempt to predict the likely improvements.

Hideaki Nishino mentioned the following improvements will be made but wasn’t specific about any of them, see the chart below to see what will change and what we think they will be replaced with:

Changes DueCurrent PSVRNext Gen PSVR
Resolution1920 x RGB x 1080 (960 x RGB x 1080)3840xRGBx2160
Field of View100 degrees110-130 degrees
ConnectionHDMI, USB with Processor UnitUSB C Only
ControllerMove Controller, RumbleNew Controller &
Haptic Feedback
SensorsAccelerometer, gyroscopeInside out Camera tracking in addition to Acc & Gyro

The upgrades follow what is already on the market, so it will be interesting if Sony innovates in this space. Will they go above and beyond, or maintain the $399 price tag to keep the product more consumer freindly.

Currently the PSVR boasts a 5.7″ OLED, which is unlikely to change and I suspect the refresh of 120Hz will also stay the same. The highest on the market being 144Hz

Possibly the biggest disappointment of the whole announcement was that the device will be wired. But the silver lining is it will be a single cable at the very least. Set up for the PSVR was always so clunky with multiple cables and this also meant incompatibility with some TVS and monitors.

The Oreo effect

Design-wise, I believe it will be lighter, less bulky with fewer or smaller visible lights, if any. The colour of the headset will probably invert too, simply to make it easily distinguishable from the current model.

Other possibilities

A camera on the outside would allow it to map your room as well as give you a “pass through” mode to see your environment in order to re-orientate yourself without have to take the headset off.

The singular cable for the VR suggests it will be a USB C that connects directly to the front of the machine. But, will this also allow for the headset to become platform agnostic to a degree. Would it be possible to connect it to your PC, if not for games, media consumption?

My main concern will be if it has a breakout box, or external processer that the headset plugs into, the headset itself having a bespoke and custom port with the processor unit having the USB C output?

The OLED screen used by the PSVR is quite advanced and uses a unique hexagonal subpixel layout, this means that the typical “screen door” effect is not as noticeable with the PSVR as opposed to other devices. They use unique and expensive Fresnel lenses that help eliminate the effect. But, the unique display meant that Sony could use cheaper and conventional dome shaped lenses. These add a small amount of thickness to the device as well as weight, I wonder if they will avoid them on the next generation.

What do you think Sony will do? Do you want the headset to be in the more premium market and push the boundaries, or simply good enough? We already know that Sony can produce great games, so it will likely be a success again right? Or has the thirst for VR died down?