What is This Mystery Port on the Back of the PS5?

Posted on Sep 19 2020 - 5:49pm by Gaf Hussain

Sony finally revealed the back of the PS5 in the price and date announcement in their showcase. They have even announced the full specs for the console, but we can’t seem to figure out what this is for?

We have clearly been able to identify all the other ports, but the on the top is a bit confusing. Here is a close look at it.

Is it just a hole? Maybe for access or perhaps it is used for the horizonal stand to click in to? Does anyone else know?

UPDATE: this has now been confirmed to be a Kensington Security Lock port. This is used to attach a metal cable when the item is on display. The Kensington type locks are useful to discourage quick grab-and-run thefts of equipment from casually supervised locations such as coffee shops, but cannot prevent the removal of equipment secured in an unattended location.