YouTuber Custom Paints 10ft Tall $70,000 PS5 That’s Functional

Posted on Feb 1 2021 - 9:47pm by Gaf Hussain

ZHC, one of the most prolific artists on YouTube and known for his generosity has been waiting to customise a PS5, but looks like when they were hard to find, he paid for a custom made one larger than the average, almost 100 times bigger!

Spending 100 hours of time and a total of 6 artists the 10ft behemoth that makes the large console look dwarven in comparison was one of this largest and most expensive projects ever.

It even came with a fully functional, scaled up DualSense controller!

Zach made the customising into a challenge and put himself against 5 others in order to see who had the best sides, which is your favourite?

You can watch the episode here and subscribe to ZHC’s Channel here.

ZHC also donated 50 PS5’s to under-privileged children.