Sony Has Everything To Lose Going into E3

Posted on Jun 8 2014 - 5:45pm by Shak
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Since the beginning of this generation, Sony has had the advantage, much to many people’s surprise. They are dominating across all territories, including the one territory where their biggest competitor, Microsoft, was thought to be unbeatable. However, with three things on their side; price, power, and gamers, they’ve managed to exceed their own sales goals significantly, but E3 might be devastating for the company.


Why Sony Should be Worried

The PlayStation 4 has had a $100 price advantage (more in other territories) over the Xbox One since it launched, which is why the console has been selling out whenever it has been in stock since launch. Sony probably thought that Microsoft would never remove Kinect from the console SKU, meaning they would always be able to react to any drops in price, but Microsoft shocked quite a lot of gamers when they announced the dis-Kinect. This now means the price of both consoles will now be the same (to come into effect on June 9, which also suggests additional announcements at E3), which means that price advantage has vanished.

Why Sony Shouldn’t be Worried

The PlayStation 3, for most of it’s life, has been $100 more expensive than the Xbox 360 and it also released a year to a year-and-a-half later than it’s rival. However it has still managed to outsell the Xbox 360 worldwide, even if it is by a small margin. Whenever the consoles were priced the same, the PS3 beat the Xbox 360 in North America, suggesting that after the initial boost to Xbox One Sales in June, we’re likely to see sales for the PS4 beat the Xbox One again. As long as Sony can sell as many PS4’s as they can make, they have little to worry about, but if the Xbox One starts eating into their sales, we’ll probably see a $50 price cut close to the holidays.

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