CES 2014: PlayStation Now, PS2 and PS3 Streaming Announced

Posted on Jan 7 2014 - 6:06pm by Shak

Sony has just announced PlayStation Now at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, which is the name of the Gaikai service for PlayStation games. The biggest announcement was that the games through this service, which will stream PS2 and PS3 games, will be playable through not only PlayStation platforms, but other tablets and smartphones, as well as television sets. PS3 titles will first be playable on Bravia TV sets and the PlayStation Vita through the PlayStation Now service.

There will be a closed beta for PlayStation Now at the end of January, followed by a full rollout by Summer 2014. There will be options for renting each title separately, and a subscription service, though the price is yet to be confirmed. The Last of Us is currently being demonstrated at Sony’s CES booth on PlayStation Vita and Bravia TVs.