Sacred 3 Review

Posted on Aug 1 2014 - 12:00pm by Shak
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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel released to generally favourable views, and was loved by it’s fanbase completely. However, Sacred 3 is the first major sequel to release in the franchise that was not developed by Ascaron Entertainment, who filed for bankruptcy in 2009. I’ve not had much experience with this franchise myself, apart from a few hours on Sacred 2, so I’m reviewing this as a newbie to the franchise, and looking into what the fans of the franchise think as well.

Sacred 3 is an action RPG that takes place in the world of Ancaria, and is developed in the vein of games such as Diablo. However, by the developers admission, “a lot of classic RPG elements have been removed or simplified to ensure a fluid multiplayer experience”. So in order to make the multiplayer aspect of this game better, certain RPG aspects have been removed. That doesn’t sound too bad to me as someone new into this franchise, but the fans may have a very different opinion.


There are now five classes to choose from, and quite a few that have been removed from the game. Gone are the Battle Mage, Dark Elf and Wood Elf classes, and they’ve now been replaced by; Seraphim, Ancarian, Khukuri, Safiri and Malakim, if you include the DLC. The Malakim class seems to be a mixture of the Battle Mage and Elf classes, so this is probably the choice that most fans will select. As a fan of close-quarters combat, I decided to play as the new Safiri class.

Having played through the game, I can confirm that this is mainly an isometric action hack ‘n slash game, with more of a focus on combat. Fans who were looking for a Diablo-esque, or even a Sacred 2-esque game will be disappointed, because the focus of Sacred 3 is on combat and there is no loot system. You can collect gold in each of the levels, but this is used to upgrade your skills in the staging area, and not to buy unique weapons. And you won’t find any new weapons in the levels either. In my opinion, this is a major oversight by the developer, and just doing a quick Google search will show that the fans are not happy at all.

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