Arkham Knight: ‘Biggest Arkham Game We’ve Ever Made’

Posted on Apr 21 2014 - 1:16pm by Shak

Batman: Arkham City was based in quite a large world, with quite a lot of freedom on where you could go, however the world in Rocksteady’s latest iteration of the popular Batman: Arkham franchise, is apparently quite big according to the developers. Game director Sefton Hill, described the game as being set right in the heart of Gotham City, and said in an interview:

This is definitely the biggest Arkham game we’ve ever made.

And how are people going to get around this massive game? Hill continued in an interview with OPM:

We’ve done a lot of work on that relationship between Batman and the Batmobile. We wanted to have them totally interlinked and really figure out how the Batmobile can expand what Batman can do, rather than just be a totally separate thing.

The Batmobile also has the added benefit of being a much safer way to travel around, so you won’t be gliding around all the time like in Arkham City, but that option will be available if you wish to do so.