Cool Shadow of the Colossus Panorama Shows Off All Colossi

Posted on Feb 24 2018 - 1:29pm by Gaf Hussain

Have you ever wanted to see all the colossi in one location at the same time? Thankfully thanks to this panorama you can! Unfortunately this image was only used in the Facebook Ad campaign, but we managed to stitch it together for all to see.

There are some silhouettes in the background, so it is hard to tell which colossi are missing, but it appears as though the underwater and underground ones are missing, or perhaps they are there you just can’t see them!

A great image, we are unsure who thought of this idea, but with the help of the some Photoshopping I was able to replicate the image. Sadly it isn’t the 4K resolution we all want either. Maybe Sony and Bluepoint Games will release the high resolution version to the public?