Dark Souls III First Impressions

Posted on Apr 1 2016 - 8:17am by Gaf Hussain

Having played through the first few hours of Dark Souls III, I can safely say that fans of the game will not be disappointed. If you like Dark Souls or Demon’s Souls, you’ll love Dark Souls III, as it is essentially more of the same, but looks a little better.

The game starts with an introductory video describing the main Lords of Cinder, who are the main focus of the game. You’ll start the game off with a bang, and are thrown right into a quick tutorial. Dark Souls III feels quite easy to begin with, but as always, this is just a false sense of security, as when you fight your first major boss, you’ll realise that it’s not that easy to hold on to the souls you’ve earned.

Dark Souls III looks very polished, but is not a graphical powerhouse when it comes to the way it looks. There are aspects of the game that are impressive, such as the amount of environmental objects, and particle effects, but all in all, Dark Souls III will look and feel very familiar to fans of the series.

I’ve always felt that Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls was all about learning the patterns of enemies, and that is definitely still the case. So don’t get frustrated if you do die, learn to accept that this is part of the game, and eventually you will succeed. I’d also suggest you try and not use your consumables too much. You have three estus flasks that are replenished at each bonfire that can restore your HP, and one ashen estus flask that restores FP, which is a new system used for weapon skills. It’s a little weird, and not very helpful in the first few hours of the game to be honest, so you may find that you rarely use it. If so, at the main Fire Link Shrine hub, you can change the amount estus flasks and ashen estus flasks e.g. you can have 4 estus and 0 ashen if you wanted.

There are some other differences too. From Software appear to have gotten rid of some of the more annoying aspects of the previous games. For example, previously the penalty for dying was more than just losing your souls. You’d also go into a hollow form and your damage would be reduced, but that is now no longer the case.

We can’t delve into too much detail until our full review which will be posted next week. However the main take-away is that fans of the series will be very happy with this instalment. Hopefully this is enough to whet your appetites!