Firmware Updates: Sony, We Need More Than Stability

Posted on Apr 2 2014 - 5:23pm by Shak


Last generation, it is safe to say that Sony’s firmware updates were far too frequent, and provided little to no new features with each release. However with the PlayStation 4 I’d argue that the updates are far too infrequent, and the dreaded word “stability” is stated too often.

Sony, we need more substantial updates than just enhanced stability or security! Its understandable that all the features wouldn’t be available at launch, but now almost 6 months since launch, we still don’t have half the features that the PlayStation 3 has. In my opinion, these features are far more important than any of the new features that Sony promised before launch, simply because it is difficult to miss something you never had. The suspend/resume feature can wait.

I’m sure most people would agree that the PS3 was/is an absolutely fantastic media centre, with support for DLNA and local media playback. In comparison, the PS4 basically has no local media playback, with everything currently running through streaming services like Netflix and Music Unlimited. We were expecting more local playback, such as MKV and subtitle support, NOT less!

There are many other very basic user interface tweaks that also need to be made already. For example, the ability to pause downloads, or simply delete all notifications easily. You’ve made one hell of a system Sony, now you need to support it with games, but also decent firmware updates. We all love stability, but don’t just focus on stability for God’s sake.