First PlayStation TV Show Called ‘Powers’

Posted on Mar 25 2014 - 12:00pm by Shak


At E3 2013, Sony brought out Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton on stage to talk about original programming on the PlayStation 4. He mentioned that Sony Pictures were working on some things that were tailored to gamers, and it looks like the first of these original shows will be Powers. Powers was originally an FX Network American television adaptation of the Powers comic book series. A pilot was shot in 2011, and more scripts were ordered, but the network wanted to reshoot and recast, and as such the show never got off the ground.

The show follows the adventures of two detectives investigating the crimes of people with superhero-like abilities, known as “powers.” In the United States it will be exclusive to the PlayStation Network; internationally, Sony Pictures TV will be selling the rights to broadcasters. No details on when we can expect the show were given, nor what the pricing structure will be, whether that is pay per episode, or a subscription of some kind.